Monday, December 31, 2012

Gandharva Sangeetham From Kairali TV

Kairali's GandharvaSangeetham, touted as the first Malayalam musical reality show, was first aired this year on Kairali TV. Inaugurated by the well known Carnatic classical singer, Dr. K J Yesudas, this show is aired on Kairali TV between Monday and Thursday at 9.30 PM. All the episodes can be watched on video on demand manner on iStream.

kairali gandharva sangeethamA reality show in the genre of music, the show aims to identify fine singing talent that deserves recognition. Based on a multi-round screening format, the show also features nurturing and grooming that is done by renowned singers such as Jyotsna, Sudeep Kumar, Vidhu Prathap, and Gayathri. Further to the grooming, the selected contestants perform to a studio audience and a panel of eminent personalities in the field of music that includes the likes of music director Deepak Vasudev, music composer Ouseppachan, and playback singer S.P. Shailaja.

This popular show, now in its twelfth season, boasts of another highlight, that of an ‘invisible judge’. Essentially, even as the onstage judges are evaluating the contestants’ performances, a backstage judge too is judging the performances. Once the onstage panel announces the final scores, the backstage judge or as the show refers to as ‘the invisible judge’ is revealed and he/she announces a verdict. While this adds to the surprise element, it also makes succeeding on this show all the more challenging.

In the episode that was aired on September 25th, two contestants, Aslam and Krishnaprasad stole the show in the ‘Tribute to Raveendran’ round. While Aslam performed Ramakatha Ganalayam from the film Bharatham that was composed by M. Raveendran, a renowned South Indian music composer, in the ‘Tribute to Johnson’ round, Krishnaprasad vocalizes Mayamayooram, a song from the film Vadakkunokki Yantharam. Just after the exhilarating performance, the ‘invisible guest’ recollected shared his experiences about working with the famed masters with the audience and the contestants.

The semi finals of Gandharva Sangeetham was aired on October nineth on Kairali TV. The three semi finalists Aslam, Deepthi and Vijitha Vijayan gave their best shot in this episode. Aslam vocalizes Parthasarathim Bhavaye, a popular classical song from the movie Kudumbasametham. Deepthi also vocalizes to a classical song Mayanadana Viharini from the movie Kumarasambhavam. The movie is directed by P. Subramaniam and the song was originally sung by P. Leela and Radha Jayalakshmi. Vijitha Vijayan, the final performer of the show renders a classical song from the movie Pakalnilavu. At the end of the performances, the judges offer their valuable comments and suggestions to the contestants.

The Grand Finale of Kairali Gandharva Sangeetham premiered on 10th October 2012. And the Chief Guest was Dr. Yesudas. On the show, Dr. Yesudas spoke about the terrorism being a global problem. During the show, the audience was treated to a snapshot of the legendary singer, Dr. Yesudas’s journey in the world of music. This was followed by a recap of the contestants’ path to the finals. After a riveting performance by the finalists, Dr. Yesudas gave his inputs on the performances and Devika was declared the winner Gandharva Sangeetham, with Reshma being the second runner up, followed by Deepthi, Vijitha and Aslam.

Flavours of India on Kairali TV

Flavours Of India is a cookery show aired on Kairali TV, a popular Malayalam TV channel. The anchor of this show is Lakshmi Nair, who is a lawyer and a renowned chef too.
On this show, she takes viewers on a culinary journey of India and highlights the various cuisines, cultures and, heritage from across India.

A lawyer who specialises in Constitutional Law, Lakshmi Nair’s personality sets this show apart from the rest. Her extensive subject knowledge coupled with a tone that’s natural and casual has made this show a hot favourite. This travelogue-cum-cookery-show revolves around Lakhsmi Nair travelling to different parts of India seeking authentic tastes and recipes. Her travel across the length and breadth of India means that viewers of this show get a first hand feel of a variety of recipes and the lands they come from.

kairali flavours of india
In a recent episode of Kairali Flavours Of India, Lakshmi Nair’s travels to Gujarat and takes viewers of her show a step closer to the culture and cuisine of rural Gujarat. At Dhordo village, she discovers Bungas that are essentially handcrafted huts and then treks to White Raan, a stretch of saline wetland, in the Thar desert. On reaching a Bunga in Banni grassland, Lakshmi Iyer is witness to the preparation of a regional delicacy- Kutchi Khara Bath. Continuing the journey, Lakshmi reaches her final destination, Khavada village that is known for its fine potters and leather craftsmen.

In another episode of Flavours Of India, Lakshmi Nair takes on a journey to Rajwada, a restaurant in Ahmedabad known for its traditional Gujarati cuisine consisting of curries and rotis served with butter milk followed by a generous helping of sweets. She also visits the kitchens where delicious Jalebis and Sukhdis are made. Later on, viewers can feast their eyes on another unique aspect of the restaurant- a traditional folk dance performance called Bhavai, that’s very native to Gujarat.

In the same series that covers the cuisine and culture of Gujarat, Lakshmi Nair visits some unique places. The Blue Lassi Shop, a speciality lassi outlet that offers 70 varieties of lassis, Jaihind Sweets that’s popular for sweets like Kaju Anjeer Laddu, Kaju Pista Rolls, and Kaju Halwa.

Kairali FlavoursOf India, the Malayalam food travelogue can be watched on iStream in a video on demand format.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kairali's Easy Cook: Watch Malayalam Cookery Shows Now on iStream

Kairali TV is a Malayalam TV channel launched in 2000, headquartered at Trivandaram. The channel can be watched from anywhere in India, with a cable TV connection and it is regarded as one of the most popular Malayalam channel in India.
kairali easy cook
Easy Cook is one of Kairali's most popular shows that is hosted by renowned Malayalam film producer-turned-chef Naushad. On the show, Naushad shares all the delicious and fun ideas on cooking recipes between every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 PM. Now watch the chef whip up a variety of dishes and treats at your convenience, only on iStream. Get the recipe perfected as you catch every step on iStream. Naushad’s specialty lies in the Malabari cuisine of North Kerala, Continental & Chinese cuisine and grills & BBQs. The current episodes on iStream shows him venture into fusion cuisine.
On the recent episode of Easy Cook on iStream, Naushad shares three seafood recipes - Meen Avial, Travancore Fish and Stuffed Sardines.

Meen Avial is a kerala dish and as the name suggests, the dish is a Kerala style fish curry. Another sea food recipe on the recent episode is the Travancore Fish. The dish is a delicious dry fry garnished with fried onion and garlic. Last but not the least, Stuffed sardines is an Australian sea food recipe.

Each and every episode of Easy Cook has Naushad take the viewers through a step-by-step process of bringing the dish to life in his inimitable way. In the first segment, he details out the ingredients required to create the dish. He then proceeds to marinate or saute the meat/vegetables that will form the basis of the dish. He then displays how all the ingredients are brought to life in the pan. The final chutzpah comes in the presentation of the dish.

Watch all these and more delicacies on Kairali Easy Cook part-by-part or in its entirety, only on iStream. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stream Asianet channel on the internet

Asianet channel is one of the oldest Malayalam news channels. Started around 15 years ago, it is also one of India’s oldest television news channel. The channel primarily airs news, news-based shows, and shows based on current affairs.
Based in Kerala, the channel has bureau offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai with special correspondents in Dubai and New York. The show has also won awards in several industry forums. The channel is available in a video-on-demand format on iStream that makes watching Asianet news online easy.

Asianet News telecasts local news, national news, international news and even news specifically from the Middle East. Besides news and news based shows, the channel also airs programs that revolve around health, crime, technology, spirituality, cookery, and travel. Some of the popular shows are Munushi, Doctors Live, Gulf News, and Kissan Krishideepam - all catering to a wide range of audience. on our iStream website.

Munushi is a satirical show that deals with the current socio-political issues and trends. The voices in this miniature TV drama are illustrative of the common man in Kerala. The show offers multiple perspectives on topic being discussed.

Unlike Munushi that deals with local news, Gulf News focuses on the latest news from the Middle East region. The show, which is primarily aimed at the expatriate community in the Gulf region hailing from Kerala, comprises top news stories from India, with a special focus on India.

Another popular show on Asianet News is Doctors Live. The show provides viewers expert advice, tips, and in some cases, even remedies from a panel of doctors. The programme is meant for an audience seeking information, advice, and help for common ailments and other health related issues.

Breaking news, and these shows apart, a bouquet of speciality shows tailor made for specific audiences have ensured that the channel enjoys an impressive viewership. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peppers TV - It has a fresh upbeat approach that seeks to redefine entertainment.

Peppers TV is an urban new generation Tamil channel that features shows covering food, music, fashion and reality shows. The channels’s unique approach with innovative programming connects with audiences and aims to act as a catalyst in setting new trends.

30 Minutes With Us is a show on Peppers TV channel which is all about celebrities. You can watch them unveil their joys, sorrows, achievements and secrets as they open their hearts and share them with you. In this episode of 30 Minutes With Us, fashion photographer-turned-actor Sundar talks about his passion for photography and acting. He talks about how difficult it is shooting fashion and models. In fact, he recollects a time when he could not even afford a studio in his early years. He even dabbled with dancing and theatre to make some money and fund his photography studio. He also speaks about how he fits into the Tamil movie industry and his introduction to actor Dhanush. His first short film with Dhanush is what changed his life, admits Sundar on this show.

Cover Page is a Tamil entertainment show on Peppers TV which takes you to the hottest hangouts and happening events in Chennai. This show provides wholesome entertainment in the form of fun, interactivity, and talent. In the latest episode of Cover Page, VJ Fan Fu Chai takes you to a star-studded fashion show and second anniversary celebrations of Crimson House of Style, Chennai. The episode features models walking the ramp wearing the latest collection designed by Geetha Solaraj whose designs revolve around the theme of the evening that was titled 'Herstory'.  The theme aims to throw light on a woman's journey with respect to her clothing that changes from workwear to Indian wear to elegant evening wear and finally her most significant attire-the wedding gown. You can watch the full episode on iStream. 

Malayalam shows, now on iStream

With the addition of Kairali TV, iStream now provides its users with regional content. To watch Kairali TV live programs, you can now logon to iStream. With the famous film actor Mammootty at the helm, Kairali TV broadcasts in Malayalam. Kairali TV has a variety of shows ranging from family entertainers and soaps to news shows, reality shows, and cookery shows.

Mambazham is a famous show on Kairali TV watched by many. In this reality show, contestants recite the works of famous poets. This show was named after the legendary poet Vailoppilli Sreedhara Menon's most celebrated poem, 'Mambazham' which captures the memories of a mother who lost her child. This show was conceived to pay tribute to legendary poets of Malayalam literature. Contestants often recite the works of Malayalam literary greats such as Mahakavi Kumaranasan, Vallathol Narayana Menon, Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer, Vailoppilli Sreedhara Menon, Edasseri, G Sankara Kurup, Cherussery, Vayalar Ramavarma, Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan, Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, NV Krishna Warrier and Akkitham Achuthan Namboodiri.

Kairali Flavours of India is another show that attracts many viewers to Kairali TV. Hosted by eminent catering star and constitutional lawyer Lakshmi Nair, the show is a travel and cooking programme on the channel. Her casual and natural tone is a hit among the show’s viewers. Through the course of the show, Lakshmi goes in search of dishes with the aromas and tastes of time-tested original dishes from across the country.

For fans of humour, Comediyum Mimicsum Pinne Njanum will have you in splits. The show features skits, stage shows, mimicry performances, and parody songs from its participants. The show features hilarious antics of famous Malayalam comedy artists such as KS Prasad, Devi Chandana, Tini Tom, Kalabhavan Ansar, and Nadirsha.

Pravasalokam is a show with a touch of humanity. The objective of this show is to reunite missing Malayalees with their families. The relatives of the missing expatriates explain their case on the show and with the help of a letter and a photograph of the missing person submitted by them, the crew of the show tries to locate the missing person with help from the Indian Consulate in that country.

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