Monday, December 31, 2012

Flavours of India on Kairali TV

Flavours Of India is a cookery show aired on Kairali TV, a popular Malayalam TV channel. The anchor of this show is Lakshmi Nair, who is a lawyer and a renowned chef too.
On this show, she takes viewers on a culinary journey of India and highlights the various cuisines, cultures and, heritage from across India.

A lawyer who specialises in Constitutional Law, Lakshmi Nair’s personality sets this show apart from the rest. Her extensive subject knowledge coupled with a tone that’s natural and casual has made this show a hot favourite. This travelogue-cum-cookery-show revolves around Lakhsmi Nair travelling to different parts of India seeking authentic tastes and recipes. Her travel across the length and breadth of India means that viewers of this show get a first hand feel of a variety of recipes and the lands they come from.

kairali flavours of india
In a recent episode of Kairali Flavours Of India, Lakshmi Nair’s travels to Gujarat and takes viewers of her show a step closer to the culture and cuisine of rural Gujarat. At Dhordo village, she discovers Bungas that are essentially handcrafted huts and then treks to White Raan, a stretch of saline wetland, in the Thar desert. On reaching a Bunga in Banni grassland, Lakshmi Iyer is witness to the preparation of a regional delicacy- Kutchi Khara Bath. Continuing the journey, Lakshmi reaches her final destination, Khavada village that is known for its fine potters and leather craftsmen.

In another episode of Flavours Of India, Lakshmi Nair takes on a journey to Rajwada, a restaurant in Ahmedabad known for its traditional Gujarati cuisine consisting of curries and rotis served with butter milk followed by a generous helping of sweets. She also visits the kitchens where delicious Jalebis and Sukhdis are made. Later on, viewers can feast their eyes on another unique aspect of the restaurant- a traditional folk dance performance called Bhavai, that’s very native to Gujarat.

In the same series that covers the cuisine and culture of Gujarat, Lakshmi Nair visits some unique places. The Blue Lassi Shop, a speciality lassi outlet that offers 70 varieties of lassis, Jaihind Sweets that’s popular for sweets like Kaju Anjeer Laddu, Kaju Pista Rolls, and Kaju Halwa.

Kairali FlavoursOf India, the Malayalam food travelogue can be watched on iStream in a video on demand format.


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