Friday, December 21, 2012

Kairali's Easy Cook: Watch Malayalam Cookery Shows Now on iStream

Kairali TV is a Malayalam TV channel launched in 2000, headquartered at Trivandaram. The channel can be watched from anywhere in India, with a cable TV connection and it is regarded as one of the most popular Malayalam channel in India.
kairali easy cook
Easy Cook is one of Kairali's most popular shows that is hosted by renowned Malayalam film producer-turned-chef Naushad. On the show, Naushad shares all the delicious and fun ideas on cooking recipes between every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 PM. Now watch the chef whip up a variety of dishes and treats at your convenience, only on iStream. Get the recipe perfected as you catch every step on iStream. Naushad’s specialty lies in the Malabari cuisine of North Kerala, Continental & Chinese cuisine and grills & BBQs. The current episodes on iStream shows him venture into fusion cuisine.
On the recent episode of Easy Cook on iStream, Naushad shares three seafood recipes - Meen Avial, Travancore Fish and Stuffed Sardines.

Meen Avial is a kerala dish and as the name suggests, the dish is a Kerala style fish curry. Another sea food recipe on the recent episode is the Travancore Fish. The dish is a delicious dry fry garnished with fried onion and garlic. Last but not the least, Stuffed sardines is an Australian sea food recipe.

Each and every episode of Easy Cook has Naushad take the viewers through a step-by-step process of bringing the dish to life in his inimitable way. In the first segment, he details out the ingredients required to create the dish. He then proceeds to marinate or saute the meat/vegetables that will form the basis of the dish. He then displays how all the ingredients are brought to life in the pan. The final chutzpah comes in the presentation of the dish.

Watch all these and more delicacies on Kairali Easy Cook part-by-part or in its entirety, only on iStream. 


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